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August 21, 2016 - The Games.

The 2016 Olympic trials are over - but what a great games for our sport! Great running from the 800 to the marathom for Americans.  Runners came through to be at their best when it counted. They started to level the field against the East African runners and now can compete well against them.

The 1500 m was great with the first US gold in 108 years for men (!) and a bronze for the US women.  A bronze in the Marathon today was a great way for the US team to end the Games.

This was the first weekend of cross country races and I found a few results:

Greg - 10:13, Matthew 10:30, Caleb 19:36 and Joel 20:45.  Trey ran an 18:36 in a road race.  Good work all - just remember it is early in the season and all will improve as time and training goes by! Lets all focus on training!



August 14, 2016 - Marathon!

So, ALL three USA women in the top ten at the marathon this morning!  Just think, 26 miles at 5:30 with NO REST!  This shows what women CAN do - it then comes down to what you WANT to do!

Watch more later on NBC, womens 1500 m etc.


August 6, 2016 - The Olympic Games!

Time to watch the GAMES!!!  I suggest that you watch as many sports as you can - because, all you will see is the very best at what they do!!! To be the best, you should learn from the best!

Track starts in a week, then it will be wall to wall track on NBC.  Great runners from the world - many from this country - all looking for the best their bodies and mind can do!  You guys are young, and a better futures is ahead of you for SURE!

On another note - LUKES SPIKE WEEK starts on Monday!  Spikes will be 20% off, training shoes and clothing 15% off and discounts on watches and GPS watches.  If you need anything, this is the week to get what you need! Tell you team mates or running friends.

Please see the Weekly Training Notes tomorrow.


June 26, 2016 - CAMP.

Please see the Weekly Training notes for info about the camp and a training update.

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